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Yimin Chemical And Deyou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

The company has set up Yimin Chemical, Deyou Chemical, Hong Kong Yide Trade. The headquater of the company is located in Yuhang district of Hangzhou city. The company enjoys excellent geographical position and convenient transportation.

We commit ourselves to the research of pesticide formulations and accessory ingredients. The annual production capacity of our company is 30000 tons. We are outstanding in the industry in term of output, sales volume, varieties and quality of products. Also we are outstanding in industry in term of export.

We commit ourselves to the research and production, as well as import and export of pesticides. We provide emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersing agent and solubilized agent for pesticide (EC, EW, ME, SC, WP, WDG).

Our company is focusing on the quality of product. The production equipment is advanced, and the operating is norms. The workers have excellent skills. The hygiene facilities of the workshop is complete. We hold the pass of every step in the production.

We will provide all-round outstanding services to customers, and offer unique pesticide formula to pesticide manufacturers. We also fully support the development of China's pesticide formulation industry, and struggle to become an excellent supplier of pesticide accessory ingredients for customers from around the world!

The company is the only special enterprise which produces pesticide emulsifier and was registered in REACH. The company was appraised 2008 100 Foreign Trade Innovative Best Enterprise by Hangzhou city in 2008.


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